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The ODCS, G-2 is responsible for:

• Providing current and estimative intelligence to HQDA; developing the current and future threat environment for the Army; providing oversight, training guidance, and policy review of the Army's Foreign Materiel Program; and providing foreign technical threat intelligence assessments to the ASA (ALT) in support of Army acquisition programs, science and technology efforts, and research and development programs.

•Serving as the ARSTAF lead for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance integration issues, including plans, policies, and architectures.

  • Coordinating and providing technical assistance and advice to the ASA (M&RA) and ASA (ALT) with regard to the development and implementation of Army protection and security policies.

    •Developing, in conjunction with the GC and TJAG, policies and programs for Army intelligence and intelligence oversight, and planning and supervising the execution of those policies and programs.

    (General Order 2019-01, 15 May 2019)

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